Welcome to Hari Om Saraswati P.G. College

Hari Om Saraswati P.g College has been established to meet the pressing need to impart global education on scientific spirituality and life style with new thought of ethical, moral and spiritual transformation of youths and production of specialists, and devoted nationalists. The heart of the matter behind the HOSDC is an idea to expose the students to the world of science, instilling in them confidence to face new challenges enabling them to shine in their chosen fields. Our core values are quality, equity, morality, environmental sustainability, energy saving and strong commitment to the cause of technical education and services. They must have respect for elders, love for younger and compassion for all. HOSDC aims at developing the aptitude of the students through interactive sessions with their mentors, regular brainstorming in group discussions and exposure to a plethora of events. Robust faith in own duty rather than right must form the bedrock for their life phenomena.